It was SO good to see Saoirse Ronan at the Academy Museum Gala and this Louis Vuitton dress on her is excellent. I love how the top looks like a pleated napkin. I love that it’s offset, like it’s about to fall off. I love that she chose not to go with too many accessories. And I love, also in white, Stephanie Hsu, in her swan era. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Emma Stone is one of the favourites to be nominated for Best Actress Oscar this year for her work in Poor Things. She wasn’t at the Academy Museum Gala but the night before she hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time, now the youngest member of the Five Timers Club. So she didn’t have to be at the Museum because she was already front and center this weekend. I didn’t think it was a particularly strong episode though. Just me? (AV Club) 

One of my favourite topics: what’s the most annoying thing the human body does, Reddit is asking. For me it always has to do with my bowels. Because they are never on a set schedule. Like whyyyyyy does it take me so long to take a sh-t?! Also it’s annoying when I finally do sit down and think it’s coming and it’s just a fart. Another annoying thing, for me at least, is skin and itching. I get hives very easily. (Pajiba) 


I still haven’t played pickleball yet but I really, really want to. Michelle Pfeiffer got a black eye from playing pickleball which shouldn’t be a deterrent. You can get a black eye from almost any sport. Tennis? Easy. Baseball? Easy. Basketball too. To go back to racquet sports though… I’ve hit myself in the face with a tennis racquet before and gave myself a fat lip. Didn’t stop me from playing tennis. (Cele|bitchy) 

The best memes of 2023… and I totally forgot about “ludicrously capricious”! (Mashable)