Madonna had some words for a Karen on social media but that is not what my takeaway is from this story. I had never seen that Bath & Bodyworks video before and now that I’ve seen it… have you seen it? It’s from a few weeks ago, a fight broke out. And it goes on for a minute which sounds short but when you watch, it feels like a long time. Trying to decide what I would have done if I were there watching it go down in person. Would I have pulled out my phone? I’m a gossip but I’m also a self-preservationist. I think I would have booked it – you never know how far this kind of wildness will spread. (Dlisted) 


Regina King in this dress orange dress for the Costume Designer Guild Awards is the remedy and the cure and the solution and the answer, all of it. This colour on her is perfection. The shape, the structure of this piece, it’s fashion architecture, and with ten days to go until the Oscars, if this is what she’s got going on as appetiser, what can she possibly bring next for the big night? (Go Fug Yourself) 

There’s a rumour that Jennifer Aniston might be adopting a baby, though I hadn’t heard of it until now, and it’s being denied. It is true, however, that they have wrapped on the Friends reunion but an air date has not yet been announced. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve always been curious to know what cannabis would do to my ma. Because she needs to chill out. She’s highstrung, and she already has so many health issues, and stress exacerbates them, but I really think it could help but obviously not in the quantity that this woman consumed it in. That would make it f-cking worse. (OMG Blog) 

Ten years ago…do you remember who hosted the Oscars? It was James Franco and Anne Hathaway. I remember interviewing them a couple of days before and I want to watch the raw tape back for some perspective because I remember Annie being a lot more engaged than James, which is how it went on the show. Mara Reinstein has the behind-the-scenes story. (The Ringer)