You see that person walking behind Janelle Monae with their phone up, filming her and her outfit? Same. Maybe it’s someone who works with Janelle. Maybe just a passerby. Doesn’t matter. This look needs to be documented. I’m not the one to pull up my phone when someone famous goes by but I would for Janelle and for her style. SO GOOD. (Go Fug Yourself) 


It was apparently a mess at one of the Coachella parties this weekend and some people are comparing it to what happened at Fyre Festival so, I dunno, are we getting a documentary about this in six months? Add this to the long list of reasons I don’t f-ck with festivals. The bathrooms, the lines, the heat, all the outside-ness of it all… I like inside, air conditioning, or heat, depending on the season. See, this is why I never leave my house. (Dlisted) 

Here is the one thing I have in common with Kim Kardashian – or did have in common with her: I don’t wear underwear. I hate underwear, I haven’t worn underwear since probably … 2000? A new millennium and the start of my liberation. Kim wears it now because she made her own underwear and wants you to buy it but my commitment to no underwear is for life. (Cele|bitchy) 


I have not started season five of Elite because I’ve had plans the last couple of weekends and Elite deserves all of my attention, it’s an immediate mainline. The fact that Trixie and Katya are calling it “too gay” though? This is not a deterrent for me. As long as it’s horny, I’m all in. And it sounds, as usual, very horny. It would not be Elite if it wasn’t horny. (OMG Blog) 

Let’s keep this up – like I said, it’s sandwich week over at Eater and today they’re talking about the best three ingredient sandwiches and… once again!!! Kimchi is not part of it. Kimchi could totally be one of three ingredients that makes a best three ingredient sandwich list! Kimchi, pulled pork, and Kewpie mayo! How is this not a winner?! You win the day you’re having this sandwich for lunch! (Eater)