I know the pink dress on Naomie Harris here is supposed to be the showstopper but let’s not sleep on the red one in the gallery because it’s one of the best red dresses of the year so far. (Go Fug Yourself)


Kim Kardashian is being sued over the naming of her skincare line and she had naming problems when she was about to launch SKIMS too because of cultural appropriation. And changing it to SKIMS obviously worked because the line is so successful so why can’t she do it with another product line instead of going through a legal battle with a small business owner? (Dlisted) 

Anne Boleyn was apparently big on tennis, just like Kate of House Cambridge. So about those tennis whites and female tennis players being inconvenienced by the white dress code during their periods – I mean to me it’s a perfect cause for Kate to crusade for. I can’t imagine she would ever because royals would never talk about their periods but if the royal comms department is trying to think outside the box and do something new for a change, wouldn’t it be great if Kate could actually step up and influence a change here? Not likely but still, this is how I would script it. (Cele|bitchy) 


This piece took me on a journey, a 500 mile journey! Sorry. I couldn’t resist. But it asks a question I’ve never thought about, attempts to answer it, and it’s a story involving twins, which I can never resist, and it’s an opportunity for me to talk about my addiction, which is my daily step count. I get irrationally upset when I don’t hit 12K a day. That’s one of the many reasons I was so pissed about getting COVID. It f-cked with my step stats for the year. (Pajiba)

“Freedom, Finances, and Fried Chicken” – I LOVE this article by Debra Freeman about how fried chicken has always been a “lifeline” for “Black women in America”. (Eater)