This sculptural look on Tessa Thompson at the Venice Film Festival is SO good. And the red hair is new, right? As for those sunglasses… it’s giving Matrix and I don’t like them on everyone, but she makes it work, especially in the contrast because those shades are not supposed to go with the dress and the skirt. But somehow it does. (Go Fug Yourself) 


There is an airdropping epidemic happening. Many of my friends have reported minding their own business on the subway recently only to get a random airdrop from another passenger sending nudes. WTFFFFF? But now, now it’s happening on airplanes and to the pilot! Did you hear about this? It’s f-cked but this post by Emily for Dlisted is…chef’s kiss. When I got to the “Skydaddy” part, it was all over for me. I have still not recovered. (Dlisted) 

Everyone is “quietly quitting”. Even the Queen. (Cele|bitchy) 

Is there a story from your life that’s true but sounds made up? I have so many, all of them involving my parents. Like the time they decided to reconcile after being divorced for ten years by having sex in the bed RIGHT NEXT TO ME in our hotel room. Yes, I am scarred for life. And I have other stories that are just as scarring. (Pajiba) 


Corn is having a moment right now. I don’t know why every moment isn’t about corn because I love corn, and since I’m a basic bitch, I don’t understand why food snobs have been foodsnobbing corn for so long. But now corn is back…both in real form and fake form. Not sure if I can get down with purple corn but I’m happy that corn is being appreciated. Corn is so f-cking good! (Eater)