Sheryl Lee Ralph is on a red carpet tear. She’s nominated for everything so she’s showing up at everything and it’s one bomb look after another. This silver flapper-ish dress is exquisite on her and I love her with the long black hair parted in the middle. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Some people are pearl-clutching over Sam Smith’s new video which… after all these years, I don’t understand what they think is going to happen. A kid will watch a video and then immediately go out and find an orgy? Back in my day it was anything Madonna did. And guess what? Not that many orgies. In fact, not enough orgies (Dlisted)

Kayleigh Donaldson breaks down the indie couple celebrity romance drama involving Phoebe Bridgers, Bo Burnham, Paul Mescal, and Lorene Scafaria who directed Hustlers, put some respect on her name! Anyway, when I read the headline, at first I was like… wait… now Paul and Lorene are together? They’re not, spoiler alert, but they should be just to dial this thing up even more. (Pajiba) 

I never got on the Marie Kondo thing when it first blew up a few years ago because I’m not the kind of person who responds to “finding joy”. The joy is gone right now for some people I know though because they’re mad that Marie seems to have given up on her tidy philosophy. (Cele|bitchy) 

I totally relate to this piece about dining out alone. Last year I travelled to London on my own and eating by myself was the best, such an enjoyable experience I started doing it when I got home. (Vox)