I love this suit on Helen Mirren. It looks perfect on her. The tailoring is so good. The Fug Girls are taking issue with the makeup. Like, from afar, it’s bold, it’s dramatic. The closeup shots though… I don’t know that I mind as much as Fug. It’s a lot of smudging, it’s the morning after look, and I’m kind of into a woman her age having a morning after, you know? (Go Fug Yourself) 


This is a competition I think we can all get behind? That we won’t have to feel bad about in a few years? I think? It’s Fat Bear Week! Bears need their fat in the coming months, because they’re about to go into lockdown, and they need to start lockdown with as much extra weight as they can put on. It’s time to decide which Fat Bear is the best Fat Bear. They’re all winners here, of course, but we can only crown one Fat Bear. Sounds like Otis is the one to beat. I, however, am partial to Holly. (Dlisted) 

Grimes trolling the paps and reading the Communist Manifesto is not as clever as the people on social media trolling Grimes for trolling the paps and reading the Communist Manifesto. (Pajiba) 

Cardi B’s weekend at Paris Fashion Week was extra and weird and delightful, as fashion should be. Make it a spectacle. Nobody is here to be bored by a pretty, delicate gown that we’ve seen 100 times before. (Cele|bitchy) 

I guess Harry Styles felt like he needed to explain what “Watermelon Sugar” is all about. Were there really people who didn’t know? (The Cut)