Dear Gossips,   

Thousands of years ago, the Jade Emperor ordered twelve animals to come to the palace for the Great Race, declaring that the order of the Chinese Zodiac would be determined by when each animal arrived. The Rabbit took off earliest, right at daybreak, scampering happily through the woods and the fields; Rabbit was the first to approach the palace. And when it saw that no one else was there yet, Rabbit decided it was a good time to chill. It found a soft place to lie down and took a nap. When Rabbit woke up, three other animals had taken their places. This is why Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.


Lunar New Year is this Sunday, January 22. We bid farewell to the Tiger and welcome the Rabbit. Where Tigers are known to be ferocious, Rabbits are understood to be generally good-natured in the Chinese Zodiac, but sometimes over-confident, as evidenced in the origin story. Rabbits are resourceful and social and known as one of the kinder signs in the cycle. That said, there is the possibility for turbulence during the Year of the Rabbit. Because the Rabbit can, often, be unpredictable. 

My Ma has now retired from her annual Chinese horoscope advisories in public but I happen to be married to a Rabbit so I have a few notes. This is the Year of the Water Rabbit, or the Black Rabbit, because water is associated with the colour black. Black doesn’t mean dark, in this case it’s more associated with water – a calmer flowing water than the water we had during the Tiger which was more like a deluge. The current still runs during the Rabbit, just maybe at a softer pace. So go with the flow… but don’t flow too slow. Floating in place is akin to a lack of direction and forward progress. 


When it’s your year though, it doesn’t always mean that it’s YOUR year. Doesn’t work that way in the Chinese Zodiac. Think of Chinese astrological energy like a blast of light. In your year, the Rabbit for example, the light is coming straight down, forcefully, and it can affect your sight, f-ck up your perspective. It’s pressure, I think of it as an over-surge of energy that can result in imbalance. Rabbits this year, then, are not necessarily in bad shape. They just have to mind their tendency to get ahead of themselves and not take on too much. Rabbits are recommended to make health the first priority this year – both physical and mental. Rabbits in Chinese astrology are said to be quite sensitive, and there may be emotional fluctuations. Take extra care with your body and your mind. There’s an injury alert for Rabbits this year that you should keep in mind. 

But also, as you’re reading this, don’t panic or stress. The way I’ve always learned about Chinese feng shui and energy management from my Ma, who never says anything nice when she’s reading astrological forecasts, is that we don’t need advance notice for the good things that are ahead of us; what’s most helpful is to be prepared for the challenges. Good things will come, and Ma has never been interested in padding people up for the good times. Her goal is to make sure you’re ready for the obstacles. 


Still, here’s a small cookie for those who are Rabbits. Romance is said to be promising for Rabbits in the Year of the Rabbit but they’ll have to manage distractions. Michael B Jordan is a Rabbit. Will be interesting to see how that plays out this year. 

So it’s about that time: clean, cut, and edit before Sunday, all of us can get our homes and ourselves in order before Lunar New Year on Sunday. We’re trimming away the old luck of the Tiger and freshening it all up for the new luck of the Rabbit. 

Once again, Lunar New Year is on Sunday, January 22. Sarah’s running the show here tomorrow so my wishes are coming early. May the Year of the Rabbit bring kindness and peace. Wishing all of you a smooth flow and a sweet ride. HAPPY NEW YEAR! GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! 

Yours in gossip,