The MTV Europe Awards are always good for some bonkers fashion, and this year was no exception. (Go Fug Yourself)

Kristen Dunst says she had a controlling boyfriend when she was younger. Is she jumping on the Jake G Shade Bandwagon? Or just talking about some random? (DListed)


The annual glut of Christmas movies is here, and Hallmark has new films starring Joe Pantoliano AND Bruce Campbell. I will only watch, though, if it’s a movie in which Ash Williams has to fight skeletons on Christmas Eve. (Pajiba)

“Friends” of the Windsors are floating the idea of suing Netflix because of The Crown’s increasingly unflattering portrayal of the royal family (especially Charles, so whose “friends” are we actually talking about?). Have these people never heard of the Streisand Effect? Just take it on the chin and keep your heads down and hope everyone moves on after the last seasons air. (Celebitchy)

The pandemic has caused a mass hair-loss event. I’ve definitely had heavier than normal shedding over the last year. There is so much cultural crap tied up in women’s hair (no pun intended), it is deeply unnerving the moment you realize it’s falling out. Fortunately, vitamins and sleep seem to be doing the trick, but that horrible feeling combined with wondering if I really am that vain haunts me. (The Atlantic)