Many people, I think, know Thomas Brodie-Sangster from Love Actually. He played adorable Sam who’d just lost his mother but was also experiencing his first crush. Of course Thomas has worked steadily through the years – it’s been 20 years! – so there are other roles, most recently in Game of Thrones and The Queen’s Gambit that a lot of people would have seen, but given Love Actually’s cultural significance, especially during the holidays, I’m pretty sure that his little adolescent cherub face might come to mind from time to time when you hear “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. 


Anyway, Thomas is now in his 30s, and he just announced his engagement. He and Talulah Riley started dating last summer while working on the series Pistol and confirmed just last week that they’re getting married. Talulah, by the way, used to be married to Elon Musk. They had an on-off relationship for eight years before ending it for good in 2016. Enough about him though, let’s get back to Thomas and Talulah. He actually referred to Love Actually when he confirmed the news on Instagram with a gorgeous photo: 


And this photo and the pap shots that were taken that same day just educated me on what punting is because that’s what they’re doing. This type of boat is called a punt. Did he propose on the punt? 

Here’s another Richard Curtis film connection – because the scene that Thomas and Talulah are living out here reminds me of the one in Bridget Jones’s Diary. “There was a young woman from Ealing…”

Remember Bridget and Daniel Cleaver on their minibreak? They went punting too!