It wouldn’t be a weekend this summer without a fresh Thomas Markle famewhoring headline. When he gave that interview to The Sun in the UK last week he claimed it would be his last. A few days go by and he’s talking to TMZ again. And this weekend, it’s the Mail on Sunday/Daily Mail, same sh-t, talking the same sh-t, making subtle threats about not going away, claiming responsibility for making Meghan Markle who she is, and suggesting that Princess Diana would be appalled by how the royal family is treating him. Which, I’M SURE, is going over real well with her son and his son-in-law, Prince Harry

It’s GROSS. Again. And more alarmingly, it’s abusive. So for all those who may be of the opinion that Royal Meghan should just call her dad, what you’re suggesting is for her to give in to a man – her father! – who is actively and deliberately bullying her. If she does that, she rewards his behaviour, she validates his behaviour. He sees it as a validation of his behaviour. It’s a terrible position to be in. It’s a terrible thing for a parent to do to a child. 

And at this point, there’s really no point in recapping all of Thomas Markle’s latest f-ckery except to highlight his hypocrisy. Back in June, when he spoke to Good Morning Britain, this is what he told Piers Morgan – per the Daily Mail, the same outlet he’s trashing her in now: 

He said that Harry and Meghan offered to come and visit him after the wedding, but he told them it was 'a bad idea as the press would eat them alive'.

So which one is it? Are you trying to protect your daughter from being eaten alive by the press or are you calling the press to eat her alive? 

Also…what press in particular? 

In November 2016, shortly after it was first revealed that Harry and Meghan were dating, it was the Daily Mail that published the headline that Meghan is “Straight Outta Compton". 


This is one of the stories that prompted Harry to launch his Love Shield, criticising the media for their coverage of his girlfriend. 

A year later, after Harry and Megan announced their engagement, the Daily Mail is the outlet that ran a story about Meghan’s background, specifically her ancestors: 


So here’s a publication that has repeatedly disrespected his daughter, a publication that’s disgustingly implied that she’s a “thug” who comes from “slaves” – and he’s giving them a NINE HOUR INTERVIEW OVER THREE DAYS accusing her of disloyalty. Ummm…thanks, Dad?