The Thomas Markle Zone has once again connected with TMZ to bring us some rogue relative f-cksh-t. Last week, just after she spent her first away day with the Queen and just before Meghan Markle was scheduled to attend her very first Royal Ascot, she and Prince Harry were blindsided by her father’s appearance on Good Morning Britain and had to watch with everyone else as Thomas spilled the tea on their wedding drama and what Harry thinks of Donald Trump. Prince Harry and Royal Meghan are expected to join Her Majesty at the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards today at Buckingham Palace and with the timing of a true famewhore, TMZ + TMZ has been activated anew

Thomas Markle thinks the Royal Family is putting him in the "penalty box" after his "Good Morning Britain" interview a week ago, especially since President Trump is getting to meet Her Majesty before him.
Thomas tells TMZ, he hasn't spoken with anyone from the palace since last week's interview. Not even his daughter, Meghan ... who, of course, has been busy with royal stuff.

Markle thinks he's getting the cold shoulder, and tells TMZ ... “If the Queen is willing to meet our arrogant and insensitive president she has no excuse not to meet me, I’m nowhere near as bad.” Trump's scheduled to meet Elizabeth in the U.K. next month. 

Despite the perceived diss ... Thomas says he still has every intention of crossing the pond to see Meghan, and finally meet Harry. As for QE2 ... fingers crossed!

OMG this man, he is doing the MOST. Is he actively trying to incite a diplomatic incident? But, also, I get the inclination to want to be sensitive to whatever it is that Thomas Markle is going through. Many of you last week emailed with a lot of kindness and compassion, positing that he’s not well, that this is a mental health issue, or an elder abuse issue, and arguing for sympathy. Sympathies all around then, for Thomas and for Meghan, because for her it’s a no-win situation. Her father, for whatever reason, is communicating more with TMZ and other media outlets than he is with her. And then there’s Samantha Markle, who’s skulking around here somewhere. At this point there’s no guarantee that even if Royal Meghan reaches out to her dad, he wouldn’t either sell her out to TMZ, inadvertently or not, and then Samantha, inadvertently or not. And that compromises any operation to help him, if indeed he needs help. For now, then, they probably think that the only move here is to ignore him. Not sure how long that’s going to be possible. Because now that TMZ + TMZ is such a solid f-cking partnership, he might get louder and louder. 

More on Harry and Royal Meghan later when they show up at Buckingham Palace. That’s the good news here. Thomas Markle may have famewhore timing but that timing also works in Meghan’s favour. She and Harry are repping the Queen today. That’s always a reliable conversation-redirect. And you know who else is scheduled to attend? David Beckham. A photo of the Sussexes with David should do it.