Lindsay Lohan’s reality show about her “club” in Mykonos has not been renewed because… I mean, I don’t think quality was the issue, I think it was because, like, did anyone care? Who was watching? Anyway, that didn’t work out but now apparently she has a record deal going and is working on an album? And again, same question. She’s done albums before, sure. At the height of her popularity. No one really remembers those songs. So… what are the chances people are going to care about her doing music now? (Dlisted) 

Did you watch Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s Murder Mystery last weekend? I didn’t. I’ve heard from a few of you who did, and maybe one or two of my colleagues did, but you’d think, given the viewership numbers that Netflix has released, that there would be a lot more people chiming in to say they did? I’m not here to doubt their viewer counter because God knows, Netflix’s tech is working for them – especially that goddamn algorithm. So maybe Murder Mystery is the movie that no one ADMITs to watching? (Pajiba)

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are on holiday with their kids in Cannes after her appearance at Cannes Lion and Gabby is wearing a bikini in the print of the season: snake skin, turning up everywhere, including swimswear. (TMZ) 
Aubrey Plaza’s knife barrette is kind of cool…but I’m superstitious and my ma has told me all kinds of superstitions about weapons as accessories and even gifts. It’s probably not just Chinese culture that says you should never give knives as a gift, right? Because it means a severing of the relationship? Anyway, the same thing sort of applies to wearing weapons. It’s the spirit of violence built into style. So I would totally want to wear what Aubrey’s wearing here in her hair – I’d just be paranoid that my ma would tell me it’s bad luck. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Brange is over…but one collaboration lives on: the wine. Their Chateau Miraval rosé continues to sell, either because people are attracted to the celebrity factor behind it or… it’s just good? It is VERY good. Whenever it’s in stock at my liquor store, which isn’t often, I always try to buy at least three bottles because 1. I prefer rosé over everything else and 2. again, it’s very good. Remember those rumours that they were trying to sell the estate though? I don’t think that was ever really legit, do you? (Cele|bitchy) 

MSCL. What do these letters mean to you? For many of us, SO MANY, they mean My So Called Life. And it’s been 25 years, what the f-ck! This is a show I hope they never touch, like they stay the f-ck away from because there was a magic and a pain there that was so of its time that I don’t think is possible to recreate. Claire Danes and Wilson Cruz are sharing their memories here. Let’s not talk about the person I know you’re thinking about. (Variety)