Dear Gossips,

The Hollywood Reporter published an article yesterday about Johnny Depp: A Star in Crisis and the Insane Story of His “Missing” Millions – have you read it yet? As Stefon would say, this piece has everything: gossip, financial assessment, and analysis of how Johnny’s legal battle with his former managers, The Management Group, will impact the industry as other celebrities will be paying close attention to the way finances have traditionally been handled between clients and their representatives.

Johnny’s new Pirates movie opens in two weeks though. And a deep-dive like this, exposing his sh-tty work habits, his indulgences, and his mental health issues is…well… it’s probably not exactly how Disney wanted to kick off the press tour. Johnny was in Shanghai today to start selling the movie overseas, as that’s where they are hoping to make back most of their money, just as everyone in North America is processing the disturbing details coming out of THR’s report. Well… maybe not everyone, but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

The Hollywood Reporter is not in the business of pissing off major studios, risking access and future content. So they would not have taken on the story if they weren’t confident in their sourcing. What’s most telling here is that those who are on Johnny’s side can barely defend him against the claims that he’s outrageously unprofessional. Last week, I wrote about how he keeps an audio engineer on payroll to feed him his lines through an earpiece so he doesn’t have to memorise them. Now we’re getting more detail about Johnny’s aggressive lateness to set, especially while they were shooting Pirates 5 in Australia. Apparently he routinely kept the cast and crew waiting for HOURS, to the point where they had someone stay parked outside his rented house to monitor when the lights would come on. As soon as they saw that there was activity inside, that person would then alert production, so they could start setting up. Basically, he’s a child. And these unnecessary delays, you can imagine, ate into the budget.

Not even super producer Jerry Bruckheimer could deny that Johnny’s behaviour was challenging. Everyone in this article who’s trying to defend him can only rationalise with “he’s not a morning person” or that he was under a lot of pressure. And that even though there were challenges, his passion and commitment to the project should not be questioned.

Which… I mean… is that actually helpful? Or is it enabling? THR reports that Johnny’s agent and the movie producers would fight all the time on set, each pleading with the other to talk to Johnny, to force him to fix his sh-t. No one would step up to confront him because they’d all contributed to creating the spoiled narcissist who hadn’t been denied in 20 years – and much of it to their own advantage, since so many of them also got paid, handsomely, for his success. Here’s a guy who kept people waiting, cost a lot of money, wasted a lot of money…and they’re still throwing jobs at him. What would have happened if it was Angelina Jolie? Probably this, right?


Johnny Depp’s reputation, on the other hand, is actually not in bad shape, not at all. I know that may be hard for some of you to believe since you’re visiting this site, which means you spend time on other sites, which means you’re familiar with a specific area of the internet – the gossip environment. But a lot of people have no idea. There are a lot of people who won’t read this THR article, even those who work in media. I know because I work in media and I can tell you that many of my colleagues have no awareness of this article because this article is pretty inside baseball gossip. What’s the point? The point is Johnny Depp will be fine. There’s an entire industry that’s built on keeping him fine. For his sake though, for the people who truly care about him, maybe he shouldn’t be fine and, because maybe then, when they can all start acknowledging it, he could get some real help.

Yours in gossip,