As previously mentioned, The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment event brought out a lot of people, as every red carpet has since the end of the actors’ strike. Besides Lily Gladstone and Adele, the event brought out members of Team Barbie including Alexandra Shipp, Dua Lipa wearing a belt as a dress, Will Ferrell, and Helen Mirren. Lily Gladstone’s Killers of the Flower Moon co-stars Tantoo Cardinal and Janae Collins were also present, and Ariana DeBose showed up wearing entirely too much blue satin. Camila Cabello was also in attendance and legendary songwriter Diane Warren making sure to get photos with all the pop girlies is too cute. 


Also, Billie Lourd was there with her husband, Austen Rydell (her dad, super-agent Bryan Lourd, was also present). I feel like we haven’t seen Billie in ages, though Ticket to Paradise came out just last year, and she was in one episode of American Horror Story this year, but I gave up on that show ages ago. What I need is for someone to cast Billie as a chaos queen in a comedy a la Booksmart and Ticket to Paradise, except make her the main character. She has her mother’s main character energy, and no one is using it! To be fair, though, she has had a couple of kids in the last few years, so that might account for a work slowdown, too. But still! Make Billie Lourd a main character! I will die on this hill!