Ready for a throwback? Let’s rewind to the premiere of Good Will Hunting, the movie that made Matt + Ben, both of whom have given us such great gossip over the years. And while our minds might go to Ben first for the gossip, let’s not forget that initially it was all about Matt. Matt and Minnie Driver. They were dating when the premiere happened. And they looked really good together. Until, you know, he broke up with her on Oprah. (Go Fug Yourself) 


A court hearing in the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce case is happening today – with the judge that Angelina asked to be disqualified from the case. So I’m sure that will be a lot of fun. But will it be fair? I’m sure we’ll hear all about it by the time the business day ends in LA unless both of them decide not to make details available through leaks. What are the chances? (Dlisted) 

This is a great question – what is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen a man do to prove their manhood? Everyone should have an example, especially if you went to high school. Or you’ve been on a plane. Or a sporting event. Or a concert. Or a car dealership. Or how about Ikea? Bro-flexing happens a lot in Ikea. I once saw a dude decide he didn’t need help loading all his boxes into his car and tying them upon the hood and made a big ass show of how strong and capable he was only to back out of the parking spot and have everything fall off. There was another time at Ikea I saw a dude complain that the meatballs were too small and he ordered like 40 of them and proceeded to disgust everyone by eating them in under two minutes. (Pajiba) 

I know you want to see these photos of Jennifer Garner on the beach in a one-piece and I want you to see them because she’s wearing a mask on the beach and staying safely distanced from people…which is apparently is still not getting through to people because … well… you KNOW. I’m sure you’ve heard the latest so… you now. Or maybe you don’t? Mask yourself! (Cele|bitchy) 

High fashion brand ambassadors – who do you think of when you see those words? If it’s not BLACKPINK you need to keep up. Here’s why “Luxury Fashion is Investing in BLACKPINK”. (Hypebeast)