When you’re working a red carpet, you can’t help but have expectations, a wish list of people you want to interview because you KNOW, it’s going to be so great, we have to get XYZ because they’re the money, they’ll give us what we need. And, often, what happens is that inevitably you’ve built it up too much and it’s a disappointment. So when we were planning our etalk coverage and the interviews that would make our show this weekend, our team was big on Tiffany Haddish. We thought, if we can get Tiffany Haddish, we’re good. 

Well, we DID get Tiffany Haddish. We almost didn’t, because she was doing so much press that she almost ran out of time, but we came back to us as promised and… she DELIVERED. You know why? The easy answer is because “she ready”. What “she ready” really means, though, is that she’s been waiting. She knows what it is to not have people want to talk to you, to have to struggle to be seen and heard. So now that that’s not her life, now that she’s Tiffany Haddish, the talk show guest with the best stories, the party guest with the best anecdotes, she’s not going to show up at the Golden Globes and be dull. 

Tiffany Haddish was Tiffany Haddish, and Tiffany Haddish didn’t rush Tiffany Haddish. She was there with us on our platform for several minutes, like she was doing us a favour. She was there to have a great time, to light up on camera, to make us laugh – and this wasn’t exclusive to us. Did you see what she did on stage? 

It was the moment Duana and I totally lost it during the show, when Tiffany opened up that envelope and announced ….

Chernobyl = nuclear disaster. And she’s out here saying it like it’s the hottest club track. Not out of disrespect, not because she’s ignorant, but because… it’s an award show! No matter what the subject matter, these people are still winning! Tiffany Haddish isn’t about to read out a victory announcement any other way than what it is! 

And then…did you see? During the acceptance speech, she had her arms around the Chernobyl team like they’d known each other for years, like she was in the series herself! We were screaming. Because Tiffany is exactly what we need at all times. 

Also, yes, of course, I asked her about Beyoncé and partying with Beyoncé because, as we all remember, Tiffany is one of the few people who has partied with Beyoncé and told a story about partying with Beyoncé and watching someone bite Beyoncé’s face, and been invited to more parties with Beyoncé. 

We waited a long time for Beyoncé. Up until the very last minute, I was hoping to see her, I was hoping she’d walk the carpet. There was no Beyoncé by the time the show started. I missed the beginning of the Globes telecast just to see if, maybe, I’d be able to get a glimpse of her rushing down the carpet. Didn’t happen. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were the last to arrive, they skipped the photo wall, and they only got there during Kate McKinnon’s Ellen DeGeneres introduction. 

Yes, Jay’s bodyguards were holding bottles of his own champagne, Ace of Spades. Yes, that means the Carters were like, nah, we see your champagne, and we brought our own. Which is … kind of the ultimate flex and, of course, we all know the history behind it and why he got into the champagne business in the first place. I wonder then how he marketed it last night with all those celebrities. If Leonardo DiCaprio tripped all over himself to drink Jay’s bubbly instead of what was being served. 

And just in time for morning, since Beyoncé declined to pose for photos on the carpet, she has released her own photos of herself from last night. She wore gold and black, also the colours of The Gift album cover, and consistently a colour she has worn in association with The Lion King. I can’t say I love this look, especially the sheer gloves. But it’s undeniable that Beyoncé has become more and more selective about what red carpets she’ll pose on. Just like she became more and more selective about interviews and now she doesn’t do them anymore. Is this an extension of that policy? If she’s nominated for an Oscar, is she going to skip that carpet too? 


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