Alphabetically, Taylor comes before Tiffany. And on the fame scale, yeah, Taylor Swift ranks higher than Tiffany Haddish, higher than almost everyone, really. On excitement and anticipation though, Tiffany takes it.

Tiffany Haddish broke through in 2017 in Girls Trip. And on Jimmy Kimmel. It was announced today that she’s hosting Saturday Night Live on November 11, with musical guest Taylor Swift. That’s the week reputation comes out. But back to Tiffany. If you’ve seen Girls Trip and if you saw her on Kimmel telling her story about Will and Jada Smith and taking them on a Groupon swamp tour, you can’t wait for her episode. You can’t wait for that opening monologue.

As you know, typically when someone breaks through, they end up showing up everywhere – they’re invited to all the parties, they preset at all the awards, they’re front row at the fashion shows. Typically. Hollywood knows what to do with “typical”. Typical in Hollywood usually means white. Tiffany Haddish is not typical. So, in a town that obviously has an inclusion problem, it wasn’t a guarantee that Tiffany’s summer momentum would continue. Which is why I love that Tiffany is hosting SNL that week in particular. As mentioned, there will be added interest because Taylor Swift is the musical guest. And on a week that SNL might expect to get perhaps more eyeballs than usual, and this is during sweeps, when the ratings matter more than usual, Tiffany will be front and centre. I’m trying to find a reason to be mad about this – because these days there’s always a reason to be mad – but I can’t. If you can, let me know.

Chance the Rapper will host SNL the following week with musical guest Eminem.

In other Tiffany news, she’s in a commercial for hand-washing that was just released today – have you seen it? What does this mean? It means Tiffany is making MONEY.

Here’s Tiffany at Gabrielle Union’s book launch last week with Eboni Nichols and Keri Hilson. Do you remember Keri Hilson? The Way I Are? And Knock You Down, a song I still love? The reason you might not remember her is because she allegedly disrespected Beyoncé. These are great pants she’s wearing though.