It is no surprise that Tiffany Haddish was the best thing about the MTV Movie and TV Awards. She stays ready. Since Girl’s Trip but especially since Tiffany and Maya Rudolph stole the Oscars, my stance has been this: let Tiffany Haddish host everything. After last night, I don’t know if I want this to be true anymore. No disrespect intended. She was GREAT. The Tiffany train is still a hot ticket. All aboard. But if Tiffany hosted everything, she couldn’t also be in everything. 

Hosting award shows isn’t something A-list actresses do. Comedians, sure. Chris Rock still hosts the Oscars but Amy Schumer hosted the MTV Movie Awards (before the “and TV” addition) in 2015, her breakout year, and she’d never do it now. Does it feel like Tiffany Haddish has already surpassed Amy’s initial hype? She’s already doing laps around her. Now, if the Oscars called, I’m not saying Tiffany should pass, I’m just saying that she should think about it. Selfishly, I want her to do it because adding Tiffany Haddish to any show makes it infinitely more enjoyable. 

The problem with Tiffany Haddish right now is, as Duana mentioned at the Oscars, there’s TOO MUCH comedic brilliance to unpack. She gives so much. That’s not a problem, some of you will say. It’s not to us but when will it become one to her?

Tiffany’s opening skit enlisted the help of Lil Rel Howery and her Girl’s Trip co-stars (minus Regina Hall), was set in Wakanda and brilliantly spoofed Black Panther’s first challenge scene – the one between T-Challa and M’Baku. 

Only Tiffany Haddish could make me laugh out loud at “T-Chocolatte.” After the skit, Tiffany delivered an opening monologue which was also ab-inducing funny throughout to the tune of Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow in the same dress Cardi wore to reveal her pregnancy on SNL. The bit worked really well but right around the part where she joked that Michael Bae Jordan can get women pregnant with a look, Tiffany’s voice waivered. It got hoarse and she struggled to catch her breath for the rest of the rap. That’s when I got worried. 

In The Hollywood Reporter piece Lainey wrote about last week, the people closest to Tiffany expressed concerns that she is working too hard. She daydreamed about a day off like it was a mythical concept now foreign to her. Tiffany Haddish hasn’t stopped all year and she doesn’t intend to. So, when her voice cracked and she – for the first time – showed signs that her relentless schedule may be catching up to her, I thought, “maybe she doesn’t have to do all the things.” 

THEN, she got in a force-off with Kylo Ren over a vibrator and I took it back. I screamed when she called Adam Driver a “f-cked up Keanu Reeves” because, well, my point exactly. If Tiffany is tired and IF all these gigs are wearing her down, she’s barely letting it show. Every skit last night was on point. Every time Tiffany nae-naed to her catchphrase “SHE READY”, I laughed like it was the first time I’d seen it especially when she did it to accept her award for Best Comedic Performance. In that speech Tiffany said, “I need all the work in the world so that I don’t get in no trouble.” Fine, I’ll stop worrying.

And yes, that white Alexander McQueen dress made another appearance. It never gets old. 

I would ask why we aren’t sick of her yet but I already know the answer. She’s too good. The work is exceptional. Tiffany Haddish STAYS READY. 

The better question: HOW is she making me this excited for a Tyler Perry movie? The trailer for Nobody’s Fool dropped yesterday and it’s hysterical. Try to get through it with a straight face.