Harry Styles’ new album Harry’s House is officially out there in the world so it’s no surprise the album has absolutely taken over my TikTok FYP. Between the new music, live performances, and evolving song trends, the content just keeps rolling in (and I am definitely not complaining). 


One of the things that makes Harry Styles Harry Styles is the effortless influence he has over his fan base and pop culture in general. His fans online don’t just like his music…they’re there for the long haul. Ride or dies, 4lyfers. And one of the most beautiful things about social media is that it gives us the ability to see his album's impact in the most instantaneous/efficient/hilarious/relatable way possible. Scrolling through the app felt like a worldwide listening party, and my experience listening to the album wouldn’t be the same without the TikTok community. With that in mind, let’s do a TikTok vibe check on Harry’s House.


TikTok instantly caught onto something with this song that only old Disney Channel viewers will understand…

So…yeah. It’s constantly being compared to the A.N.T. Farm theme music. There’s no denying that there are similarities between them, but it’s also pretty obvious that this wasn’t on purpose. 

What really needs the attention is the genius use of track list order that Harry has going on here. Starting off the album with the upbeat, bright “bahhsss” into the staccato, busy mix of layers, and strong trumpet is a great foreshadowing for the rest of the album, because it’s all over the place (in a good way). It kind of reminds me of something I’d hear in a makeover montage in a cheesy early 2000s rom-com, and I’m here for every second of it. So while this one might have been overshadowed by the A.N.T. Farm reference in TikTok, at least it’s still getting the summer bop credit it deserves.


Yay, another upbeat one! This one has been used for a lot of montage videos on TikTok, and I think that is fitting, especially because TikTok loves a good summer day-in-the-life clip. The overall vibe is wholesome, fun, and old, chivalrous romance, which is a great example of Harry’s love language throughout the collection. It feels whimsical, and dance-y. The simplicity of the lyrics also work like a hug. It’s one of those songs that plays like sunshine, and you can’t help but smile listening to it. TikTok approves!


The bluesy tone throughout has a calming vibe, but it still keeps that upbeat energy he’s had so far. I do have to say that I saw quite a few comments on TikTok videos saying this one is kind of forgettable, but every time I listen to it, it grows on me more. 



I know we’ve had this one for a little bit already, but it just never gets old…

…no matter how many times I’ve seen it on my FYP. 

Maybe it’s seeing all of the concert videos of Harry having such a great time performing it, or the irresistible beat that guarantees a head bop. Whatever it is, the vibes are good, and TikTok has already made it known that it’s going to stick around for a while (even beyond super devout fans). It’s a song that has a fun bouncy beat juxtaposed with sad lyrics, but TikTok has made it clear that we’re singing this song with a smile on our faces. 


This one has been a favourite among the fans on TikTok, which is why it’s also become this adorable trend.

What makes me like it so much is the layering of Harry’s voice, matched with the rock-influenced drum interlude. It’s another example of the new sounds he is experimenting with on the album. As a retired Directioner, I must say this one reminds me of the old days…but not the old days when he was with Taylor because the matching song titles mean nothing.



(this is my personal favourite)

And just as you were getting comfy in the consistent groove, the tears have entered the chat. A lot of fans found it funny that, based on the title, this song ended up being the first sad song.

I personally live for a good tear-jerker, and the theme of thinking about an ex and their small quirks and memories probably hits a soft spot for many. Harry's smooth, introspective tone is made for a song like this with so many detailed lyrics that need to be told in a story to understand it. And based on the amount of fans crying to it on TikTok, I’d say it did what it set out to do.


This song has a delicate simplicity with the ability to make listeners stop and really take in the lyrics. It’s been chosen as another one of the main tearjerkers of the album, and it’s also been compared to “Fine Line” on the second album. A fan noticed and decided to make a gorgeous remix that lives rent free in my head:

There is such a pretty element to Harry’s high notes near the end that makes you feel safe (especially with such heavy lyrics fans are comforting each other over).


So the thing about this one is that some fans aren’t necessarily *thrilled* with the fact that this one is most likely a direct reference to his film-industry boo, Olivia Wilde. There’s no doubt that she’s the muse for most of the album, so I say we just embrace the great music that came out of it. Besides, they’re cute! Let’s accept it. Harry’s continuing to show off his dance-bop making skills with the bouncy beat, and those lyrics…c’mon. It’s a vibe in my books.



Harry has shown us that he loves a good scream to kick of a song, and the blending in the beginning of this one is a 90s hit dream. The echoey effect is fitting with the song’s theme, and it also makes for a good TikTok dance session.


The app loves a good #RelationshipGoals sound, so the lyrics explaining the small things couples do together makes for a cute relationship TikTok video…

…but an intense screaming karaoke session in a car works too!


This is another fan favourite, and I think it’s because it has a surprise tempo change, since the chorus picks it up after a slow first verse. The strong drum beat near the end also makes it really fun to think about how great it would sound live. The video of the fans coming together to dance to this in a circle at one of his live performances is just the perfect reflection of what it’s like to be a part of the fandom.



Unfortunately, this one isn’t getting amazing reviews from what I’ve seen on TikTok. Based on some comments, some say it feels a little out of place with the rest of the album. I am hearing a little bit of a Shania Twain influence here, and I’m here for it. And shoutout to this fan who figured this little trick out (a nod to the upside-down theme?):



I’ve always said that Harry knows how to end an album, and he did not disappoint this time around. TikTok loves a good anthem, and what’s more powerful than proclaiming, “You are the love of my life”? And if the piano reminds you of something, it could either be because you remember it from the album trailer, or because it kind of sounds like the Spider-Man theme song.

Overall, TikTok has welcomed this album with open arms, and I’m looking forward to seeing how all things Harry’s House evolve on the app, especially as he continues on tour.