Isle Of Dogs comes out March 23. It’s being screened at the Berlin Film Festival this week. This is a Wes Anderson film which means people will have something to say – about how peak Wes Anderson the film is, about where on the peak Wes Anderson spectrum it falls. 

What I want to say right now is that as we get closer to the release of Isle Of Dogs, we’ll also be getting more Tilda Swinton fashion moments. Like this one, at the photo call: 

Tilda in Berlin

Tilda in tweed. A tweed suit. An impeccable tailored, rust coloured culotte tweed suit that I LOVE SO MUCH. 

Why are we supposed to hate culottes again? I don’t get it. Because you can be either tall or short to wear them. I would have worn these with higher boots (not that I’m here to bitch about how Tilda wants to wear her pants, I’m not) because that’s one of the bonuses of a culotte: you can properly show off the footwear. Can someone please pass this along to Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle who keep wearing those dumbass flare bottom trousers?