Prepare your tissues

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 27, 2018 19:28:52 June 27, 2018 19:28:52

Timothee Chalamet defied the Oscar gods to become the rare young dude actor recognized for a romantic performance. Young dudes almost never get nominated when playing romantic roles. It says something about us, culturally, and it’s not good, that we so rarely lionize romantic performances from men. But Timothee Chalamet bowled everyone over in Call Me By Your Name and he got there with a romantic performance. Now, he’s coming for that back-to-back nomination with more typical Oscar fare: an addiction story.

This is the first trailer for Beautiful Boy, based on the father-son memoirs Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff and Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamine by Nic Sheff. Chalamet plays Nic Sheff and Steve Carell stars as David Sheff. The trailer is basically a two-minute cry fest, so I can imagine sitting through the whole movie is going to be a gamut of emotions. I like this trailer, the movie looks good, but I also feel like, having watched the trailer, I’ve seen the whole movie. It’s an obvious tear-jerker and Carell and Chalamet are teasing great performances—Carell has an award season double-header this year with Welcome to Marwen, it will be interesting which one he ends up backing in a campaign—but the trailer pretty well caps the whole narrative. There should be a rule: No scenes from the final forty minutes of a movie can be excerpted in a trailer. 

And now it’s time for another round of the LaineyGossip Hotness Litmus Test. Is Timothee Chalamet hot? I recognize, academically, that he is, well, beautiful. But is he hot? My college-aged cousins are gaga for him, and I don’t…get it? Does this mean I’m old? Or is Timothee Chalamet not hot? He looks like he walked out of a Botticelli painting, but that’s not the same thing as hot. Can someone please explain the relative hotness of Timothee Chalamet to me? (Lainey: Timothee Chamalet has SO MUCH Big Dick Energy, how can you not feel it?!) 


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