Timothee Chalamet was at the National Board of Review gala last night in a relatively tame-ish outfit, by his standards, which makes sense because he was a presenter and not an award recipient. It’s not about Timmy right now, although every day for me is about Timmy. 

Have you seen Little Women yet? He’s a GREAT Laurie, right? He’s wonderful. He’s beautiful. He’s sweet. He’s a f-ckboy. I swooned when he kissed Amy. I swooned near the end when Frederick came over and everyone was fluttering over him and he was like… can someone tell me who the f-ck this is? And I swooned later on when Jo was being all weird and anxious right before leaving to chase down Frederick, there’s a cutaway shot of Laurie leaning against the staircase smirking at Jo, like happy for her that she’s finally so giddy and in love. 

But that’s probably not what you’re noticing about Timmy in these shots. Rather, it’s the facial hair. Is he trying out some Bob Dylan looks? It was announced earlier this week that Timmy will play Bob Dylan in a new film called Going Electric directed by James Mangold with the blessing and cooperation of Dylan himself. Which means Bob Dylan approves of Timothee Chalamet. Like, I’m not at all a Bob Dylan expert, in fact I’m pretty much a Bob Dylan neophyte but even I know he’s particular and if he wasn’t feeling Timmy, Timmy wouldn’t be doing it. 

Going Electric will reportedly cover the period of time where Bob Dylan decided to transition to rock. I’m assuming they’re going to give us that scene where he turned up at the folk festival and started playing on his electric guitar and got booed. I don’t actually know the music details behind that story, the reason I remember it is because of the gossip. It was around that time that he was with Joan Baez and when he became more famous/successful than her he kinda treated her like sh-t and cheated on her, right? Bob Dylan is an OFB – Original F-ckboy. Holy sh-t, if Timmy plays it like that my Timmy problem is going to get a lot worse.