My brain refuses to retain the knowledge that Wonka is coming out this December—it is protecting me—so when Timothee Chalamet was announced as the host of the November 11 episode of SNL, I thought it was a holdover Dune thing. And then Lainey reminded me of Wonka and my brain started angrily sweeping little broken pieces of protective material into a pile and grumbling about outside interference to my pristine internal memory storage environment… which is a dusty basement full of knocked over file cabinets. 


Anyway, the musical guest on that episode is boygenius. Should be a solid episode, even if we’ll all be thinking about the movie Timmy can’t talk about, which is another instance of sideways promoting movies during the strike. But do we think Timmy will do anything as good as “Tiny Horse” this time?



Speaking of the strike, SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP negotiated all weekend. Might things be moving in a positive direction? One can only hope. Also, following the A-listers meeting with guild leadership about their ideas to “close the gap” between the guild’s asks for increased compensation and the AMPTP’s refusal to pay people a living wage, thousands of actors signed a letter encouraging the leadership to hold out for a good deal, which you can read here. Signatories include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jon Hamm, Mark Ruffalo, and Demi Moore. 

These are also very wealthy people—JLD is from a billionaire family—but notably, they’re not star-producers who have projects to back in awards season. Mark Ruffalo, for instance, is expected to contend for Best Supporting Actor with Poor Things, but he isn’t a producer like co-star Emma Stone, who is clearly itching to promote this movie. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the actors who are also producers are looking more and more like they side with AMPTP. Bad look, everyone!

Attached - Timmy changing after a workout in LA.