Sarah keeps forgetting that Wonka is an actual movie that is actually coming out very soon. As she has written a number of times lately, for whatever reason, her brain refuses to retain this information and now it’s become kind of like a kink for me – I’m her nagging work wife all like “don’t forget about Wonka, darling” as she heads out the door, lol. 


Maybe Sarah’s Wonka block will be resolved soon because Timothée Chalamet is trying to break through that barrier. The press tour is beginning. The movie comes out in less than a month which really means Timmy and the Wonka team only have about three weeks, tops, to make their big push and get right up in our faces. First stop Tokyo. I’ve just spent two and a half weeks in Japan, and from what I observed when I was there, Wonka is exactly the kind of beautiful weirdness that would play well in Japan. Also, I mean, Timothée looks like a manga character come to life, so... 

And he leaned in hard to that last night at the premiere. Actually everything he’s worn so far in Japan has been giving virtual but we’ll start with the purple Prada because….well…come on, he knows. 


Timmy is well aware of how the internet responds to his red carpet choices and the relationship between his red carpet choices and the marketing for his movies. This custom fit is 100% part of the job. And the character! 

Timothée Chalamet attends the "Wonka" premiere on November 20, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

But before that he was hanging with Hideo Kojima wearing Junya Watanabe looking like he might make an appearance in Kojima’s next game because he is dressed for the part. 


And he already arrived in Japan with Matrix energy…

Timothee Chalamet is seen upon arrival at Narita International Airport on November 18, 2023 in Narita, Japan

And all these looks? They’re not packed just for fun. They are meant to be photographed and shared and appreciated, not unlike the way Margot Robbie dialed it way up to Barbie this summer ahead of the release of the movie. What’s interesting here is that Timmy is serving up Wonka style but also adding in more than a dash of Dune. 

You know who’s getting a front row seat to all of it? Hugh Grant. If only the Wonka social media team would share Hugh’s reactions to Timmy’s outfits on this press tour. Not because he’d be mean about it, of course not. Hugh has no right to be mean or mocking of anyone considering the character he’s playing in this movie, ffs. And by all accounts the two are getting on great. But I just mean, you know, the Hugh-ness of being Hugh, who on the best of days always seems a little bewildered by… everything… and I can’t imagine how he’d react to Timmy’s wardrobe. Which is why I want the Wonka social media people to get on this! It’s the content we need! 

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