Dear Gossips,

Have you heard about Charlie Rose? According to Page Six, Tina Brown was asked to produce a show featuring Charlie Rose interviewing men whose grossness was exposed by the #MeToo movement. It’s to be an “atonement series”:

Said a source: “Tina said she’d just been e-mailed about co-hosting a new show with Charlie Rose, in which they’d interview Louis C.K., Matt Lauer” and others caught up in the #MeToo sexual harassment scandals.

Brown explained to the group that she was having none of it, and remarked, “These guys are already planning their comebacks!”


That’s exactly it. They’re calling it an “atonement series” but it’s really a “comeback series”. How serious is your atonement when you’ve spent more time thinking about your comeback than the atonement? It’s barely been 6 months. But already there is clearly support here – and MONEY. Nobody’s hitting up Tina Brown to produce an “atonement series” if there wasn’t some financial viability. 

Janet Jackson was blacklisted for OVER A DECADE after Nipplegate. She did not destroy careers. She did not make the workplace chronically untenable for women, to the point where they had to quit their jobs. She didn’t summon people into her office, jerk off in front of them, and/or after f-cking them, leave them passed out on the floor. But it was a lot f-cking longer than 6 months before she was able to generate significant professional opportunities. And all the while, the dude who was on stage with her went on to win Grammys like 2 weeks later and he kept rising from there while stepping on her face. 

So, you know, everything in the world is still fair and awesome. 

Yours in gossip,