Jameela Jamil’s IDAGF-ness is breathtaking. We’re used to seeing one or two tweets. She is pounding this issue relentlessly. And naming names. And posting photos. And using words. She’s using words like “liar”. She’s calling out celebrities for being “gross”. And even when one of those celebrities, Cardi B, responded, rather gently, by Cardi’s standards, Jameela wasn’t charmed. She just turned around and pointed out another hypocrisy. And it’s not like she’s not right. She is right. She speaks from experience. Which is probably most of our experience. I spend too many minutes of too many days inner-complaining about my body and what it looks like instead of appreciating it. And I know better. How will it ever get better? (Dlisted)  

What do you think Mimi, the Queen of Christmas, thinks of these Christmas decorations? I wonder if she would say, “At least it’s not green”. Mimi does not do green at Christmas even though green is officially a Christmas colour. Not in Mimi’s world. That said, Mimi’s also all about “festive” and this… doesn’t scream “festive” to me. Or anyone. Screaming, though. Yeah, there might be some of that. (Cele|bitchy)  

This is very interesting luggage selection. Most of our luggage is black. I got a new carry-on this year and went wild with silver. The advantage of having luggage like Heidi Klum’s is that no asshole is going to pick it up off the belt and go home with it. Which is what happened to my friend Danielle Graham…and we were at the Oscars that year, HOLY F-CK. Her dress was in there. It was a five alarm panic. We had to hunt down these people who were heading to a cruise. And the crazy part is? They had a laminated tag on their suitcase that they clearly went to the trouble to make and they STILL PICKED UP THE WRONG BAG! (Go Fug Yourself)  

I know. We knew. This site has been around since 2003/4. Over a decade ago we were yelling at you to watch Friday Night Lights. And you know what? Most of you didn’t. Then it was over. And a lot of you finally checked it out and ohhhhh nowwwwww you love it. And now you want there to be a reboot or a movie or something?! It’s over. It’s gone. How many times does Connie Britton have to tell you? She took her parking plate! Let’s preserve it the way it was. The way it ended was the way it ended. And Vince Howard is Adonis Creed now so you should have appreciated it at the time! (Pajiba) 

Here’s a tweet that perfectly sums up one of the biggest surprises of my year. Every day this year I love Ariana Grande a little more. I suspect on Friday I will love her so much, I might not recover. Even if the new video includes a Kardashian cameo. (TMZ)   

Poor Emily, our site manager, has to read about my sex life again. As I’ve mentioned, Emily sees Jacek and me as her work parents. She only wants to think of us as amoebas. Have you ever had car sex? It’s been a while for me but when we first got together, Jacek and I pulled over a few times. It was a scenic route, OK? The view from Vancouver to Whistler – called the Sea to Sky Highway – is gorgeous. Anyway, am I f-cked because for all the car sex I’ve had I don’t remember it being awkward, I just remember it being hot. If it’s weird for you though, here are some tips to make it better. (Refinery 29)