A few weeks ago, in late August, the Sun reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle popped down to the pub with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor for roast dinner. They supposedly went to the Rose & Crown. Interestingly though, a spokesperson for the Rose & Crown then denied that the Sussexes had been there.

TMZ has now obtained the photos. They’re not great quality shots but you can clearly see Harry holding the baby carrier. According to TMZ’s source, they had a couple of security with them, stayed for a couple of hours, kept to themselves, and some patrons didn’t even know they were there. 

What’s interesting is that it was the Sun that broke the story initially…but they weren’t given the photos. And you know they would have wanted the photos if they were offered the photos. The Sun can afford to buy the photos. The Daily Mail can afford to buy the photos. Clearly the photos were taken by a fellow diner (and not a paparazzo) creeping on their phone. And somehow, nearly three weeks later, they end up on an American website. Is it just because TMZ was the highest bidder? Or is it because whoever took the photos didn’t want their pictures of Harry and Meghan to end up in one of the tabloids that are always trashing them? Or was it a legal issue? Sometimes the British papers have problems publishing pictures of royals doing non-royal sh-t, like Kate grocery shopping etc. They get their hands slapped by the palace. That’s a strong possibility. It didn’t seem to apply for the private jet shots though. Dying to know the inside baseball of how these shots happened and were made public. I prefer the possibility that the Sussexes are continuing their “f-ck it” strategy with the UK tabloids and whether or not this was a little bit of a “f-ck you” play.