Dear Gossips, 

Do you remember what happened a year ago tonight? April 22, 2019 was the Hollywood premiere of Avengers: Endgame. So many members of the MCU showed up on that carpet to close out an era. Some of them were unexpected – and then it all made sense later, in several ways. Like it was great to see Natalie Portman there and then, as we know now, she makes an appearance in the movie AND will be the new Thor. 


Back then, most of us still didn’t know how exactly the Avengers would reverse the snap and defeat Thanos. And there were so many theories. My favourite theory was the Up The Ass theory: Ant-Man would fly up the Mad Titan’s ass and do some quantum sh-t and become big and explode the Big Purple. Speaking of Big Purple, this Instagram post is now a year old: 

Yes, children, there was a time when a segment of Twitter was obsessed with Thanos’s thiccness. I didn’t understand it then and I still don’t understand it now. 


In the end, they did do the quantum sh-t but not to blow up Thanos’s ass. In the end, the universe was saved by the person who always knew it would be up to him to save it. Sob! 

You know how the casts of this show or that movie or that musical have been doing all kinds of reunions lately on social media as a way of comforting people in lockdown? I wonder if there’s been any talk at all of doing an Avengers Original Six Zoom chat. Our king, Tony Stark, he can make that happen, can’t he? It’s not like they’re busy… 

Yours in gossip,