The Fug Girls have just reminded me of Bill Cunningham, the legendary photographer, and if you haven’t already, there’s a wonderful documentary about him that came out about ten years ago and another that came out last year and both are worth your time, I promise. Anyway, there’s also an exhibit that just launched of his pictures and Anne Heche was there and…well…at first I thought this was from the Tammy Faye premiere, which tells you something about her outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Todd Rundgren burns Kanye West a few times here but my favourite is “croak one syllable” and that’s not just Kanye but more and more collaborations are just like a person saying “OK!” on a track, and Todd pretty much nails that. (Dlisted) 

Oh look, it’s that time of the month. Thomas Markle is out here talking some sh-t about his daughter again. At this point, it should be obvious why he’s been cut out of their lives – so the question is why people still bring him on and don’t challenge him. It’s gross. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is really, really great trolling. Harmless trolling. Nobody loses. Everybody laughs. OK maybe not that one guy, but it’s not like he’s not laughing with anger that will turn to rage that will result in compromising democracy, you know? It’s just….funny! (Pajiba) 


Many people have been revisiting Norm MacDonald talk show clips this week or discovering them for the first time. Vulture’s put together a handy list. He made talk show interviews and artform. And they should be. They should require some effort. Martin Short also puts effort into these moments which is why he is often asked to return, again and again. I know it’s not a skill that everybody has, but when you watch what Norm gave to Letterman and Conan, at least for me, it makes me wonder who will carry this tradition forward. (Vulture)