Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have reunited…because Hurricane Ian forced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to relocate for their practice week. Does anyone else get the sense that a divorce announcement is imminent? (DListed)


The front row at Dior’s spring-summer 2023 show was a celebapalooza. (Go Fug Yourself)

A new book claims Prince George told a kid at school, “My dad will be king, so you better watch out.” This is the royal version of “my dad can kick your dad’s ass”, I guess. I would like to know the context of this, though, before assuming George is a horrid brat. Like if all the kids are talking about their parents, and he says this in fun, it’s totally harmless. Kids talk sh-t, even royal children need space to say dumb things to and with their friends. But if it was a threat, like, “Stop doing that, my dad will be king, watch out,” then maybe there’s an issue and George really is a holy terror. I’m just saying, he’s nine, let him be a child before projecting all the weird sh-t his family gets up to onto him. (Celebitchy)

Well, it’s not Ryan Reynolds’ patterned sofa, but Architectural Digest has a new Open Door with Emma Chamberlain. I really need people to stop describing their homes as “vibey”. What does that even mean, in context of a living space. I blame Vanessa Hudgens, she started it with her “vibey”—albeit GORGEOUS—Open Door video. (OMG Blog)


MoviePass is attempting a relaunch this year, but the SEC says not so fast. They’ve slapped MoviePass with a fraud complaint, alleging the company always knew their business model was unsustainable and that company executives profited from the fraud. One thing remains true: theater attendance went up when MoviePass was at its peak. Its business model was always fishy, and the company might not survive and maybe they’ll land in even hotter water with financial regulators, but movie theater owners should think long and hard about the subscription model and/or offering ticket packages. That concept worked, even if MoviePass’s specific “all you can eat” model didn’t. (Variety)