Dear Gossips,   

Tom Brady was in England this past weekend as one of the new co-owners of Birmingham City F.C. He was in the stands as his team beat Leeds United 1-0 on Saturday. 


Prior to the game he was seen at the pub, buying a round for fans. 


If you watched Ted Lasso, I’m sure you can picture what this looks like. Also, if you watch Ted Lasso but don’t know much about the football system in the UK, Birmingham United is in the English Football League (EFL) Championship, or simply the Championship, which is the division just below the highest level of football, the Premier League. In Ted Lasso terms, Richmond was relegated to the Championship at the end of the first season and that’s the league they played in in the second season. Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds’s team, Wrexham A.F.C. is two levels down from the Championship. I’m saying this because it never stops amazing me how much football there is in the UK. There are so many teams and so many fans and the season is so long and they play for so many different titles. 


English football is the main sport in my household because my husband is obsessed with Tottenham Hotspur. I’m starting to understand it a little more now but it has taken me a while because every other week, it seems, they’re playing in a game that counts towards a different title – like Champions League or Europa Cup or Carabao or FA Cup, or it could just be a regular league game… it’s so f-cking confusing! 

Anyway, that’s about the extent of my explanation. Just know that Tom Brady has a professional football English connection now so he’ll be there from time to time on boss duties and, perhaps, he’ll try to fit in a sleepover. 


Because after the game he made his way over to London where he spent 48 hours at the same hotel as Irina Shayk. The Daily Mail has photos of them exiting separately but it’s obvious that this is not just a coincidence – in fact, it seems like it’s a pattern, a 48 hour pattern. 

Last month they had a 48 hour sleepover at his place in LA. Then it was New York, and now they’ve taken their situationship international to England. Next stop… Miami? 

Yours in gossip,