Though the current NFL season is still young, Tom Brady hasn’t been playing well and most people are attributing it to him being distracted by the situation at home with Gisele. As Ben from Dlisted notes, she’s the second most important woman in his life. The first is, of course, football. (Dlisted) 


I love every piece in on this Halpern runway, especially the first look which is totally Little Red Riding Hood vibes and she’s always been a style icon. And I nominate Tessa Thompson to wear it somewhere because she could serve the proper attitude that should go with it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Is it in poor taste to be talking about television ratings for the Queen’s funeral? Yes. But the ratings are still being shared and compared. You know how in North America, the Super Bowl is the top rated event that sets the standard every year? Well in the UK I find that the big viewership ratings are always related to football matches. That was one of the comparisons. And the other? Take a guess. (Cele|bitchy) 

Some TikTok food trends are interesting. Some are straight up stupid. This one is beyond moronic. Also Nyquil, especially green Nyquil, tastes so bad why would you want ruin your chicken with it? Can we just cook everything in Cheetos instead and call it a day? God. (OMG Blog) 

Kayleigh Donaldson revisits Secretary, the “best kinky romance of the 2000s”. (Slashfilm)