Tom Cruise is back on set for Mission: Impossible 7. At first I was like… they’re already working on a new one? And then I realised it’s the one he’s been working on since last year and was paused so many times because of the pandemic. It’s hard to keep track of sequels and their numbers. And also Tom’s multiple franchises. Sarah posted last week about Top Gun: Maverick being pushed to November so that Tom can do a worldwide whirlwind promotional tour (how many fighter jets will be involved in the making of the tour?) and of course he’s also got Live Die Repeat and Repeat (lol this title), the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow which has been in the works forever. 


Anyway, this is not really a different Tom than the one we’ve seen when we do see him these last couple of years. The turtleneck has almost become a uniform. This, by the way, can be one way of staying ageless. It’s literally looking the same. What I can’t help thinking about, though, this week in particular, when we’re looking at Tom Cruise is … Suri Cruise. 

Because if you’ve been online the last couple of days, you may have seen some photos of her out in New York. It was her 15th birthday on April 18. Suri Cruise is 15, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Suri Cruise is also wearing her jeans the way we wore them 15 years ago, which makes me want to die. Low rise, flared at the ankle, no thank you. 

There was so much about Suri and her parents when she was born, and during those early years of her life. And as Maria noted yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, after Katie Holmes left Tom, she made a point of privatising Suri’s life – quite successfully, actually, even though they live in New York which is its own fishbowl. 


Over the years, since the divorce, it’s been a delicately avoided conversation. No one really knows for sure if Tom is a part of his youngest child’s life; they’ve not been seen together in public since Katie ninjaed herself out of the marriage. And it’s never going to be a question anyone asks – or should ask. Although on days like this, when these photos come out back to back, my gossip brain goes there. How do you shut down something that seemed to be performed for us so consistently for so long? How do we undo that conditioning now that the terms have been changed by one of the participants who may not have been all that willing of one to begin with since she made a stealth escape and never looked back? Is it even OK to admit to the curiosity? Let me know what you think.