Have we talked about this? How have we not talked about this? 

Tom Cruise, who is currently promoting Mission: Impossible – Fallout, has confirmed that Jennifer Connelly is joining the cast of the Top Gun sequel. Previously at Miramar, Miles Teller won the role of Goose Jr and Val Kilmer will also return as Iceman alongside Tom’s Maverick. Apparently Jennifer will play a single mother who runs a bar near Top Gun, where Pete Mitchell is now an instructor. 

Is this the same bar where he and Charlie used to hang out? Does the bar have a jukebox? IS IT THIS BAR???

Maybe Maverick goes back to the bar to relive some memories. Jennifer is there to help him forget those memories? Or maybe she’s a former pilot herself, who got booted for buzzing the tower, and had to quit flying to raise her child, and is bartending until she gets her wings back? Because of course Tom has to have a love interest. Otherwise they wouldn’t have an excuse to play "You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling" again. 

That’s what I’m worried about. I’m worried about how they’re going to bring back the song. Top Gun is corny AF. They for sure are bringing back the song. It could go well. I want it to go well. But it could go very, very, very wrong. Serenading a woman and then cornering her in the bathroom doesn’t play in 2018 the way it played in 1986. Will they give the song to Miles Teller? Would Tom Cruise actually let go of the song for Miles Teller? He’s straddled that song for 30 years. He’s not giving that song up now. 

Here’s Tom on The Tonight Show last night. M:I-Fallout is still sitting at an impressive 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Sarah’s going to tell me how to feel about it tomorrow.