Last week, the Sun reported that there was a COVID-19 outbreak on the Venice set of Mission: Impossible 7 and extras were told not to report to work. None of the Hollywood trades, however, followed up with a story (at least not that I’ve seen) and they’d be all over it if that was case. That would be exactly the kind of coverage that they’re meant to follow. So… either the Sun got it wrong – which is my preference – or the studio does not want anyone talking about it and is hoping people will forget, because production has resumed and Tom Cruise continues to shoot. Here he is working on a scene with Rebecca Ferguson and also on a scene that requires him to run.


Well… that’s comforting? 

Tom Cruise will run, always run, no matter what else is going on, whatever movie he happens to be in, he’ll do the running, he’ll run a lot, he’ll run hard. It’s the like the sun rising and setting. And the same goes for Tom Cruise filming. Nothing can stop him. Sometimes it seems like making movies is all he knows. It’s when he’s truly at peace – when he’s running he’s at peace, when he’s jumping from or off something he’s at peace. The world may not be at peace, and certainly the United States is far from having peace of mind, but no matter the uncertainty, even though we have no answers, we can always count on the fact that Tom Cruise will be somewhere in the world running in front of a camera.