One of the most cursed productions recently is Mission: Impossible 7 and 8. The films were supposed to be shot back-to-back, but COVID happened and shut M:I 7 down for months in 2020, then it was finally released this past summer as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One after multiple changes from its original July 2021 release date. M:I 8, meanwhile, started production in the spring of 2022 and is STILL GOING. Once again, production was shut down for months, this time for strikes, but even with the delays, these are massive films that take f-cking forever to shoot. 


But now that the strikes are over, Tom Cruise is once again (fake) saving the world. Here he is arriving at London’s Battersea Heliport to get back to work, flashing his movie star smile and laughing with his fellow pilot. Back to business as usual for Tom, though he recently did something unusual and showed up to his agency, CAA, in person to support his agent, Maha Dakhil, after she came under fire for sharing social media posts about the conflict in Israel and Gaza that were deemed antisemitic. She lost positions within CAA, such as co-head of the motion picture department, though she remains as an agent, presumably thanks in no small part to Cruise’s personal intervention. 


The report about Cruise’s support of Dakhil also mentions the firing of Scream star Melissa Barrera earlier this week. Spyglass Entertainment, the production company behind the Scream franchise, fired Barrera from Scream VII after she shared social media posts that a spokesperson from the company called “hate speech”. One day later, it was announced that fellow Scream star Jenna Ortega is also leaving the franchise, though that is apparently an unrelated scheduling issue due to Wednesday season two, and Ortega’s departure was already being discussed pre-strike. Still, it’s wild that Scream VII lost both its stars in one week.