The Mummy opens this weekend. Sarah’s review was posted yesterday and while she didn’t hate it, she wasn’t impressed. Other critics apparently feel the same way because the movie is not scoring well on review sites and its box office tracking is dropping. Last month the projection was $40 million for the first weekend. Now it’s looking like it’ll be sub-$40 million for sure, maybe even closer to $30 million. So it will definitely not overtake Wonder Woman, at least not domestically. The Mummy is expected to do much better overseas. Like Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise relies heavily on the foreign market. And on his back catalogue. Can we use that term to refer to an actor’s previous work?

Tom’s new segment with James Corden for The Late Late Show aired last night. Last year, when Tom was promoting Jack Reacher 2, he and James replayed his back catalogue in under 10 minutes, acting out scenes from his best known movies – there are a lot of them. This time, it’s kind of the same. They’re not reenacting scenes, but they are recollecting the memories and, yes, singing That Lovin’ Feeling.

I don’t hate this. I don’t hate it because it’s hard to hate James Corden’s infectious enthusiasm and Tom’s commitment. Never say that Tom Cruise doesn’t try. He’s always trying. Look at him behind the bar, straight pouring down people’s throats, entertaining random hired extras imitating him in Risky Business. I mean, you could say of course that he loves that sh-t because it’s basically a self-highlight reel feeding his ego. Sure. But can you imagine Leonardo DiCaprio agreeing to something like this and having to revisit Titanic and singing My Heart Will Go On, off-key? NEVER.