Tom Hardy is very popular with the dude-bros what with all his tough guy roles and the superhero thing, twice: Bane and Venom. He is also very popular with parents in England, especially the moms in England, for his semi-regular appearances on BBC’s CBeebies. He’s doing one tonight and he’s reading a story about a cactus who needs a hug: 


I mean, he’s great at this and it’s great that he keeps doing it but it’s also hilarious to me that I feel like I need a hug every time I watch one of his movies and probably after I watch his next movie, Capone, coming out on VOD on May 12 – read Sarah’s post about the trailer here.

The film received quite the endorsement from Rian Johnson. And I love Rian Johnson. I loved Knives Out, I loved The Last Jedi, I enjoyed Looper very much, and I think I’m one of the few people who appreciated The Brothers Bloom. 

Still, don’t you feel like you’re going to need a hug after watching Tom Hardy take on one of the most notorious criminals in American history? If I had seen Venom, I would have definitely needed a hug. Just watching the trailer made me want to get into bed and never come out. 


The Venom sequel has now been delayed to next summer, now opening June 2021. It was supposed to hit theatres this October and they’d already been shooting for some time in London prior to the pandemic lockdown. The official title is Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Is this a wrestling movie? 

That’s something you’d say before WWE Wrestlemania. Tune in this weekend for Wrestlemania XXXVI! LET THERE BE CARNAGE! 

Anyway, here’s Tom with Charlotte Riley picking up groceries this weekend. Bananas, cucumber, and some very thick asparagus. I like a thinner asparagus, personally. You?