The last time we saw Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley together was at Prince Harry and Royal Meghan’s wedding in May and he was bald, still working on that Al Capone movie. Tom joined Charlotte last night in London for the premiere of Swimming with Men and the hair has grown back. He looks good. As good as he’s looked in a while and she, holy sh-t, is gorgeous. I quite like her hair too, a little shorter than we’ve seen how she wears it. 

You know what we never talked about at the wedding and afterwards? Charlotte played Princess Kate in a BBC TV movie last year. The film imagines Prince Charles’s ascension and how he struggles with being king, so Kate’s the one who ends up the puppet master and schemes a way for William to take over from his dad. She’s strategic and manipulative (sexy, right?), not exactly attributes we’d use to describe her in real life. It’s not known how the royal family responded to the show but now I wonder what it might have been like if Charlotte had the chance to meet Kate that day. 

Next year, Tom and Charlotte will have been together ten years and married five. Their son was born in 2015 and even though the baby is now almost three years old, I don’t think his name has ever been reported. And it’s not like the British tabloids aren’t known for digging through trash, whatever it takes, to find sh-t out. 
Tom’s next movie is Venom, scheduled for release in October. But Comic-Con is coming up soon. I’d be surprised if there isn’t a Venom presence there especially since we’ve had so many superhero movies already this year. Venom’s advantage, perhaps, is the three month or so break between Ant-Man and the Wasp this weekend and the time it comes out. By then, maybe, people will be ready for yet another. If, that is, Venom is good. To me it looks terrifying. When he turns into that wet, black, slithering thing with all the teeth, I don’t think I can do it.