If you don’t have a dog, does this make you laugh as much as people who do have dogs? Some people say that anthropomorphising animals is wrong. But how is this dog not all of us when we got busted for smoking in the backyard when we were teenagers? Or breaking something in the basement? Or whatever it is that we all got busted for? I had the slow walk down. I was also made to sit like this, only in Chinese culture we also have to hold our ears when we get busted because it means that our ears aren’t working and this is why we aren’t listening. Charlie’s f-cking lucky she didn’t have to hold her ears and still got to play with her toy. (Dlisted)  

I’m obsessed with the latest cover of Star Magazine which is about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt back together, even though it’s bullsh-t, because of the photo they’ve used. There was no thought put into the story (as IF George Clooney was involved) but they definitely put some thought into the picture selection. It’s the cap, non? The cap that Brad’s wearing. It’s a cap you associate from his time with Angelina Jolie, which happened post-Aniston, so it suggests that the photo was taken recently. I see what you did there, photo editors. (Cele|bitchy) 

Most celebrities are shorter than you think they are. And they list themselves as taller than they actually are. I’ve interviewed Tom Hardy a few times. He’s not that tall. Not that it should matter but it matters to them. Ryan Gosling isn’t as tall as you think he is either. And Leonardo DiCaprio standing 6 ft tall is a joke. You know who’s legit tall? Ben Affleck. (Pop Sugar) 

I never thought about it this before today but Pajiba has just made it obvious to me that we are indeed in an Olivia moment. There are a lot of Olivias these days – both in celebrity and in character. Are there as many Olivias as there are Jennifers? Probably not quite. We may never see a name like Jennifer ever again, with that much Jennifer-ness, Jennifer was really, really dominant. There may, however, be as many Olivias as there are Chrises. Is it as fun to play the Best Olivia game as it to play the Best Chris game? (Pajiba)

The denial of this rumour is the first I’m hearing of this rumour. Something about Jessica Simpson being jealous of Mandy Moore because of This Is Us? I can see why this would have been manufactured. Because, Mandy, Jessica, Britney, they all came up at the same time and for a while there it was getting crowded in that lane. But nobody’s looking to Jessica Simpson to headline a television series, are they? Least of all Jessica Simpson, right? (TMZ) 

John Boyega is weighing in on a very important nerd debate: ewoks or porgs? I only learned last year that many Star Wars nerds hate ewoks. What the f-ck? Who hates an ewok? I love ewoks. I will never be tired of an ewok. I don’t even mind a porg. You know what the real problem is? YOU KNOW. But I’ll tell you anyway: famewhore droids who don’t know their place and don’t respect the OGs. That would be BB-8. (The Undefeated)