Tom’s Comic-Con: a year later

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 24, 2017 15:42:09 July 24, 2017 15:42:09

We missed a very important anniversary in gossip last week. One of the most important gossip events in the history of recent gossip. It was the Day of the Receipts. It was July 17, 2016. When Kim Kardashian body-slammed Taylor Swift on social media – the effects of which we are still feeling a year later. Because up to that point, Taylor was dominating. #Taymerica had just happened. Her romance with Tom Hiddleston was THE gossip spectacle of the summer. And since then? Taylor has receded. Taylor has gone deep underground. Taylor, as I’ve wanted her to for so long, is making herself into a mystery. When we look back on this in 15 years, will the Day of the Receipts be the day that irrevocably changed the course of Taylor Swift’s career?

And where, a year later, do we find Tom Hiddleston? He was at Comic-Con this weekend with Team Taika Waititi’s Thor. Last year he was at Comic-Con for Kong: Skull Island. He and Taylor had just returned to LA after spending a couple of weeks or so together on the Gold Coast in Australia where he was working on Thor 3. He had just been nominated for an Emmy. A few days after Comic-Con they were papped out for dinner holding hands:

And I think that’s the last pap photo that was ever taken of the two of them together. A month later US Weekly reported that they’d had a “a major argument”. Two weeks after that, it was over. Less than two months after that is probably when she started seeing Joe Alwyn. And we probably have to wait until her next album comes out to find out why. But I feel like we kinda already know? Loki, too thirsty.

AKM-GSI, Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

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