Tom Hiddleston has really stepped back his public persona. Since The Swiftening, he is not as active on social media, and he is photographed much less often out and about. There has been a real change in how he approaches his celebrity. But he is still part of the Marvel machine, which means he has to turn up to places like Comic-Con. This weekend he stopped by for his own streaming series, Loki. It won’t air until 2021. We know nothing about it except that it will be about what happens after Loki steals the Tesseract in 2012 during the Avengers’ time heist in Endgame. Also, Hiddleston is going back to playing mischievous, trickster Loki, not the slightly more reliable guy he played in Thor: Ragnarok. 

There was no mention of it, but I wonder if this show will tie into Thor: Love and Thunder at all. Loki will air a few months before Love and Thunder hits theaters. There is no obligation, story-wise, but the whole promise of these Marvel series is that they will directly impact the MCU. I’ll be interested to see if Loki ends up involved in Love and Thunder in some way. Or, maybe this will be Hiddleston’s swan song with Marvel. In the comics, there is a Lady Loki, and a kid Loki. This could be a chance to farewell Marvel’s first popular villain and then throw Loki back in the mix in a different form, with a new actor. All of these Marvel shows have one thing in common: I’m not super interested in the show itself, I’m more curious to see how they tie into the movies. Which means I’m going to end up watching all of them. F-ck, the synergy is working.