As I mentioned earlier in my post about Taylor Swift’s reputation, the song Getaway Car seems to be about both Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. But, mostly, Tom Hiddleston. Basically Calvin Harris sucked and Tom was her getaway car rebound after breaking up with him. Once the getaway car has served its purpose, it can be discarded. Loki just became the abandoned Corolla on the side of the freeway. But he does have excellent timing. 

Here’s Tom Hiddleston in London yesterday with a puppy, trying to borrow a move from another TH, Tom Hardy, with decidedly less effective results:

At least he seems more comfortable holding a puppy than Ben Affleck. 

So let me get this straight: we haven’t seen Tom Hiddleston in weeks. He showed up to one Thor: Ragnarok carpet and then went missing. He was so disappeared that many of you were asking why he had such a low key presence during the promotion of that movie and Sarah even addressed it in one of her posts. Thor did not need Tom to make big at the box office. But Tom conveniently gets papped just hours before the release of reputation? Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Oh please. 

Please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that he was actually the thirsty one in that relationship. Too thirsty, it turns out, even for her. Now that we know she jumped out of the car while it was still moving, Tom’s showing us his new puppy, the new constant in his life, having been done dirty by Taylor Swift, heartbreaker with the red lips. Just in case, you know, you culture critics need some photos to go along with your song reviews. Considerate of him, non? Is he heading to Atlanta to work on Avengers any time soon? Because RDJ is exactly the kind of punk to pull up on set in a getaway car blasting the song the moment Tom steps out of his trailer.