Most of the time when I link to dog stories, it’s me bitching about how smart these dogs are when my two dogs are f-cking idiots. Finally a dog story that doesn’t make my dogs look like idiots because they too know how to find the store. Actually, no, that’s not true. One of them knows how to find the store. The other one can’t find sh-t except his own sh-t. But Barney? Barney knows how to get to every pet store in our neighbourhood, and there are several. They’re not close either. A few are, like, a couple of kilometres away. And, just like Thai, he knows the way. (Dlisted) 

Samuel L Jackson walked the Avengers: Infinity War carpet with Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hiddleston looks like he’s been blessed, like for those few minutes, he felt cool enough to be by Sam’s side. So does that mean that we can now look forward to the day when Tom does an imitation of Sam Jackson in the presence of Sam Jackson? Because if so, he needs to be stopped. Don’t even think about it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kevin Hart got busted last year for cheating on his wife, Eniko Parrish, when she was pregnant. He tried to deny it at first but ended up admitting to it because he was extorted. Now he’s starring in J Cole’s video as himself about cheating on his wife and being judged for it. But there’s also a lot of “a lot of women throw themselves at me and it’s so hard to resist” sh-t here too. Interesting way of illustrating what is or isn’t challenging, you know? It’s hard to complete a 10k run. It’s hard to do well on a math test. It’s hard to say no when someone gives you her number and wants you to take her up to your hotel room. (Pop Sugar) 

Chris Evans was not at the Avengers: Infinity War premiere last night but he and his brother made an appearance together on Seth Meyers and they were indeed pretty cute. But… cute enough to make up for Chris’s moustache? I’m not sure anything is. But OMG, if you thought the moustache was bad in still photos, holy sh-t, it might even be worse. I’m having a hard time believing this is the same person. Because, like I said, it’s the moustache AND the hair! That f-cking hair! (Pajiba) 

Gigi Hadid is 23 years old and she celebrated with her sister and some other models in New York. Let’s talk about birthday outfits. You want to look banging on your birthday, I get it. But is comfort also a factor? I want to look good on my birthday, of course I do. I also, however, want to eat on my birthday. It’s bad luck if you don’t feast on your birthday. It tells good luck that you don’t want plenty in the year ahead. So my birthday outfit has to be stylin’ AND it has to allow room for the eating. (TMZ) 

If you’re not over Beychella yet (and you’re waiting for TIDAL to release the video – please Beyoncé? Can you, please?), this is a great read about how Beyoncé recruited the performers and the band. (The Undefeated)