I feel like we just saw Tom Hiddleston, but that was two entire weeks ago when he was out with Zawe Ashton at the National Theater (time has no meaning). But here he is again, twice in the same month, which is a lot for post-Hiddleswift era Tom. He’s been MUCH lower key over the last several years. Yesterday, though, he attended the launch of perfume brand e11even, which was co-founded by Cat Deeley and Amanda Grossman, who is Hiddles’ makeup artist. So, he’s there supporting a friend and colleague.


What’s really throwing me about these photos, though, is that he is wearing the exact same outfit he wore to the theater two weeks ago. Tell me it’s not the same! You can’t! Because it is! Is he turning into one of those celebrities who wears the same thing every time he goes out to devalue photos of himself? I feel like Hiddles has gotten a firm grip on his public persona these days, and he is MUCH less visible, he doesn’t need to wear literally the same clothes all the time. Or maybe it’s a decluttering thing. I reduced my wardrobe in a decluttering effort a few years ago, I definitely repeat clothes more often. Did Hiddles declutter? Did he do the Swedish death clean and get rid of one too many shirts? We’ve all made that mistake!

Also at the e11even launch were Bella Ramsey and Lena Dunham. They worked together on Catherine Called Birdy, and look genuinely happy to see each other.