Rich white people decided a long time ago that it’s poor etiquette to talk about money, probably because they didn’t want poor people to know that they were hoarding all of it. Here’s the thing though – even when people claim they’re uncomfortable talking about money, we all kinda want to talk about money. We have all talked about money, other people’s money, how people spend their money, how much money those people bought their house for and whether or not you think they overpaid. Because that’s another thing about money: many people love talking about money because they think they could spend it better than others. Here’s today’s money chat: Charlie Sheen was once the highest paid actor on television. Now he can’t afford child support. I mean I think we all know what happened to the money. But holy sh-t, that’s a LOT of money to blow through, you know? (Dlisted) 

Whenever Sarah has to review a Gerard Butler movie, she hates her life a little bit. But she’s going to have to keep reviewing Gerard Butler movies because apparently Gerard Butler fans are multiplying? I say this with disbelief when I really should know better since for years, one of the things that amused me most was that there was a Gerard Butler fan convention every year and these people were COMMITTED. Not every star has that kind of loyalty. See Jeremy Renner, LOL. (Pajiba)

As we saw earlier this year on the runways, over-the-top, borderline tacky, princess gown prom dresses were all over the runways and then all over the red carpet. Minimalist was being put on pause. Rodarte is extending the reign of the prom dress, and leaning into the 80s prom dress, in its new lookbook. Kirsten Dunst has always been a great ambassador for them, and she looks bomb in these polka dots. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Tom Hiddleton wearing the sh-t out of a Ralph Lauren suit but I’m fixating on whether or not that’s a crack in the wall behind him or if there’s a wind machine blowing a lock of hair up. For men with this hairstyle, there’s always a sweetspot with length that never lasts too long. His hair, I think, was probably the perfect shaggy length about 10 days ago. Needs a trim. (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s TIFF weekend which means it’s balls to the wall for entertainment reporters. We are running from screenings to interviews to red carpets to more screenings. I’ve seen a lot of movies in the last couple of weeks and I’m about to see more. So this quiz that tells you which movie to watch tonight made me kinda stabby. But since I can never resist a quiz I did it and… immediately regretted it. These f-ckers think I should watch It: Chapter One?! Horror/thriller/scary is not my genre. What does this mean? Am I about to have a terrifying weekend? Actually, this makes sense. I’ve spent the whole day in a state of terror and anxiety. F-ck me, this quiz is accurate. (Buzzfeed)