Tom Holland was asked to spell GYLLENHAAL on television and couldn’t get it right. I know why they decided to spend two minutes on this – because, I GUESS, it makes for better television, watching a celebrity try to spell, but what’s good TV to me would have been watching Tom and Zendaya play more air hockey because then I would have more footage of them interacting with each other to decide whether or not they’re TRUE LOVE FOREVER, God! Give us something for the Gossip! (Dlisted) 

Susan Sontag was credited for the theme of the Met Gala last week as a play on the title of her work, “Notes on Camp”. She was not, however, credited for probably writing Freud: The Mind of the Moralist, “written” by her ex-husband Phillip Reiff. She’s not the only woman whose work was claimed by her male partner. In her case, fortunately, she was known, she was respected – maybe more than he was. (Jezebel)

Oh well here’s another example to add to the list of Why Keanu Reeves is Awesome. And you know what? I’m just going to call it right here: he will not, like so many others, disappoint us. Do not live in fear of this – because it won’t happen, it won’t be him. I believe in him, I do. (Just Jared) 

Last year a squirrel ran into my friend’s open window in her upstairs TV room. Jacek and I happened to be on our way over to drop something off and just before we got there she called in a panic – when will you be here, there’s a squirrel, Jacek help me get it out! It was a whole production. My dogs were freaking out, she was freaking out, and the squirrel was freaking out from all of us freaking out. In the end, it turned out OK. But if we hadn’t been there, I do wonder what she would have done. Would it have been any different if it was a raccoon? Um, yeah. Like 10 times scarier. You know why? In my neighbourhood, the raccoons are so lazy and chill, they would not have been freaked. They would camp out, make themselves at home, and it would be a real f-cking problem. (Cele|bitchy) 

Well of course I love every single outfit Gabrielle Union is wearing here. I love the winged shoulder dress, I love the tan suit, and I LOVE the white and black flowy gown. (Go Fug Yourself) 

You know who was trending during Game of Thrones last night? Kawhi Leonard. Not just in Toronto but worldwide. For a while. I mean, sure, GoT eventually took over but Kawhi’s shot was such a big deal, such a crazy moment, it lit up social media. And you know what? I wish I was completely focused on it. Now that I’ve seen the garbage fire that was last night’s episode, I wish the Raptors were my only priority last night. (The Ringer)