Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner got married and now I’m looking forward to how the #Kaylor shippers will rationalise this wedding. Maybe the wedding was a cover for the fact that Karlie and Taylor Swift recently brought home their adopted baby and they needed the media to be distracted. Allison brings up an excellent point here though – a bigger reception/celebration will happen in the Spring. Why the timing? Well after the election. (Dlisted) 

I have an announcement to make: I think Tom Holland is cuter than Noah Centineo. Wait. Did I forget to announce that I’m over Noah Centineo? I did. That’s why I think Tom Holland is cuter. He was adorable on Jimmy Kimmel last night. And I really like the word “ingendude” applied to him. Never thought of this before. “Ingénue” only applies to women but innocence and a lack of sophistication aren’t strictly feminine attributes. Art, however, has historically revered those qualities in women...which, you might say, is a form of misogyny. How the f-ck did we get here? Tom Holland is totally an ingénue. Is Noah Centineo though? (Pajiba)

I finally got one right. As mentioned, I suck at those games where you have to guess from a kid photo who the kid eventually turned into. But this one was easy. He still looks exactly the same. (TMZ) 

Over in Lifestyle, the Outfit of the Week involves a judicious use of feathers. Here’s another example of feathers that… isn’t executed quite as well. In fact, not even close. If you add up all the feathers, Marin Morris’s feathers are probably the same as Katie Holmes’s feathers. The effect though is much, much different. Marin looks like she’s being engulfed in feathers. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Rose Byrne is blonde now. Which… I don’t hate… but I also don’t love. I am worried though about what all this bleaching is doing to her ends. They look dry. My ends are dry right now. I think my period is drying them. Also I love this gold dress that Rose is wearing, SO MUCH. (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s that time. That time for me to remind you that The Hate U Give opens wide today and it’s autumn, it’s that time of year where you just want to get into your feelings at the movies, right? As Amandla Stenberg says, this movie will make you cry. And feel all the feels. Real feels. Feelings that might make you uncomfortable but feelings that can help, the way art, in its best form, can help us move forward, understand each other better, be better to one another. Go see it. (Teen Vogue)