It’s a click-baity title, I know, so I just want to be clear that Tom Holland and Zendaya aren’t, like, together in photos right now but they are, presumably, together because both have arrived in Atlanta to begin production on Spider-Man 3. Here are new shots of Zendaya getting off a private jet yesterday. Tom wasn’t papped getting off his private jet but he shared the moment of his arrival on Instagram the other day: 


That’s how the world found out that they’re officially back at work on the movie – because, as usual, Tom told on himself. Maybe he was allowed to. Maybe Marvel was like… Tom, give the people they news they’ve been waiting for, something to be excited about. But that’s it. Do not give away anything else. Like the title of the new movie (which is still a secret) and whatever happens in the story. 

So then he went on IG again and joked about an iPad. 


If you recall, the big joking concern when they were promoting the Avengers was Mark Ruffalo’s big mouth and Tom Holland’s big mouth. Both had to be chaperoned. So how likely would it be that they gave Tom a digital copy of the script? I’ve heard of encrypted digital copies but, for example, Christopher Nolan, who’s all about secrety secrets, as Sarah says, often uses hard copies, sometimes requiring actors to read their scripts under supervision and then asking to have them returned. 

Tom is older now. And… wiser? 

The thing is, part of his appeal is the youthful carelessness. Not that he’s not responsible, of course he is. He’s carrying a superhero’s narrative. But this superhero is one of the younger members of the MCU. He’s a young adult among adults. He’s still figuring it out. He can’t be too serious and seriously responsible. 

So how long before Tom and Zendaya show up on each other’s social media now that they’ve (professionally) reunited? Or will there be none of that this time around?